Tips & Ideas For Parent-Teacher Communications

The start of an academic year may feel intimidating but don’t worry, we’re here to help you make this a smooth transition!

Parent-Teacher communication is key to getting parents involved in their child’s education and life outside of their home. Parent involvement may result in better school behaviours and improved social skills. Given all the positive effects of parental involvement, Kidz Village International Kindergarten regularly reaches out to parents with open houses, parent-teacher conferences, seesaw posts, websites & other school events.

There is a possibility that these events and online communications are not enough for you. If that’s the case, what should you do? Here are some examples of ways to strengthen Parent-Teacher Communications:

Communicate regularly during drop-off and pick-up times

Talk Through Ideas & Successes, not only challenges both outside and inside of school)

Offer Opportunities For Feedback: If your child’s behaviour concerns you at home, speak to the teacher about it to see what are the positives and negatives of such behaviours. Don’t jump to conclusions based off change in behaviour.

See the best in others: Have an optimistic mindset at all times.

Set objectives: It is absolutely okay to set weekly or monthly targets with your teacher to analyze your child.

Take and receive all the support and suggestions you can get

Most importantly, establish and nurture trust!

And now it’s time to act on it! Pick a way you think would work best for you and give it a go! There’s no wrong or right way, you just have to try and believe.