The Benefits of Having Classroom Jobs for Students

Assigning classroom jobs to students encourages them to learn about responsibility and being part of a community. The entire class thrives when meaningful classroom jobs are given to students, and they are encouraged to be contributing members of the classroom. The benefits of effective classroom management extend to academic-related outcomes, including decreasing disruptive behaviour and increasing academic achievements. 

Classroom jobs are a staple of the classroom, but are they really worthwhile? The answer is yes, for a number of reasons. Here are six reasons why classroom jobs are important. 

1) It helps students take ownership of the classroom 

a) Classroom jobs are important because it helps students take ownership of the classroom. By having classroom jobs students tend to respect each other, the environment, the teachers, and the school more than just following normal class rules and regulations. This is because they are given the chance to control the environment and take charge of a specific area. Giving them responsibility will make them feel important. It also shows them that this is not your class, but their class as well. 

2) It teaches independence 

a) As a teacher, we always encourage our students to be independent. Having a classroom job definitely helps them develop their independence. When our students take charge of their specific area in the classroom, they educate themselves on how to take up this responsibility carefully & they always make sure they give it their full attention to make sure that it is the best that they can do. Classroom jobs are just one way to allow students to develop their independence, but it sure is a great start! 

3) It shows students that you trust them 

a) A great teacher-student relationship starts off when the teacher initiates comfort to their students. If teachers want to build this relationship, they must show they trust their students. Students will trust their teachers once they know their teachers trust them. Allowing each student to have classroom jobs, shows them a level of trust. It’s the beginning, but an easy way to start to build trust amongst students and teachers. 

4) It gives them voice and choice 

a) When students have some voice and choice in the classroom they build relationships with everyone around them easily. When students feel heard, they’re better able to learn. So, here’s how we can use classroom jobs to give student’s voice and choice. 

i) Give students the opportunity to pick their own jobs 

ii) Let students help decide how often the class will change jobs

iii) Allow students to tell you if they think of a new job that might be needed 

5) Students enjoy having classroom jobs 

a) Students feel in control and can do things independently. They love to be able to help and add value to the classroom. 

Along with having classroom jobs, it’s always a good idea to give students roles and jobs at home or anywhere outside of school so they can build their relationships and show more independence with family and friends!