International and Thai Summer School at Kidz Village

Thai Summer Program is an opportunity for Thai Students to experience the Kidz Village philosophy and teaching approach. The program is specifically designed for short term enrollments while Thai school is not in session. During the Thai school holiday students will have the opportunity to experience a developmentally appropriate early year’s program which is designed to allow each child to engage in a variety of development building activities while having fun!

The program schedule is planned to allow opportunities for your child to develop in the four prime areas of:

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Language and Communication Development
  • Physical (gross and fine motor) Development
  • Cognitive Development

How are the Thai summer program and International summer programs different?

International Summer Program

  • Designed for International students on break from International school. The focus is on supporting all areas of development in a range of fun activities.

Thai Summer Program

  • Designed for Thai students on break from Thai school. The focus is on using English in a range of fun activities.

Both programs offer age and developmentally appropriate activities to support your child’s learnings through fun & engaging activities.