School Fee Policy

2020 -2021 Fee Policy 

Registration Fee 

The Registration fee is a once only payment and is not refundable, payable upon registration of a child. This fee cannot be prorated and is also non-transferable. 

Tuition Fee 

If your child will not attend at Kidz village International Kindergarten for a semester or any part of a semester, full tuition fee for that semester still must be paid if you wish a place available upon your child’s return to school. Payment of fees will be perceived as a confirmation from your child will be attending at Kidz village International Kindergarten the following semester in its entirety and no refunds can be made. The tuition fee should be paid by new students entering Kidz village International Kindergarten 

prior to their attendance of the first day of classes. -Sibling Rate: A 10% reduction will apply to the lesser tuition fee when siblings are enrolled. This reduction will apply only when the first fee has been paid in full, and while both siblings are in attendance. If you wish to make the Tuition Fee payment for whole year, you will get discount of 10% on Term 

Fee. The invoices will be sent out to the parents for the school fee with a due date of the payment. If parents wish to pay within the due date, a credit note will be sent to the parents later with a discount of 5% on the tuition fee. Any parent who makes the payment on the due date is required to pay the full term fee. 

Late Entry for New Enrollments 

Fees will be prorated according to the registration date of your child. School fee will be charged by week of each term. 

Early Withdrawal 

If written evidence of involuntary transfer of the parents to another city is submitted, a 50% refund of tuition, bus and lunch fees will be granted to the parents if the child leaves the school permanently, providing the leaving date is before the half semester date of the particular semester. Otherwise, no refunds will be given after payments of school fees have been made. 

Company Support 

Families receiving financial support from their company should provide the school with the company contact details so that the school accounting may deal direct. 

Late Payment 

Late payment of school fees will be subjected to 3% interest charge per month. If parents, at any stage, find it difficult to meet the cost of fees, please contact the Director who 

can advise you about the optional payment plans. 

Payment method Transfer to 3% charge when paying by Credit Card Please send payment information to payment@kidz-village ac th 

*School fees are non-refundable except in cases clearly started in this policy.* 

*NO fee refund will be given if the school must close due to unexpected circumstances beyond our control.