Kindergarten 2

Age: 4 years old to 5 years old

Step into our Kindergarten 2 class at Kidz Village International Kindergarten, where children aged 4 to 5 years old experience an educational adventure of exploration and development. Within our thoughtfully crafted learning centers, children have the freedom to make both self-directed and guided decisions, fostering their curiosity and growth throughout the day. They actively engage in various activities, including small group projects, circle-time interactions, and reflective documentation of their learning experiences. At Kidz Village, we are dedicated to guiding children through critical learning experiences that promote their overall healthy development.

In our Kindergarten 2 program, our focus is on providing each child with the necessary skills and understanding to not only succeed in kindergarten but also to continue thriving both academically and socially. We embrace the Project Approach, which fosters real choices and empowers children to make good decisions, supported by an emergent curriculum. This approach nurtures the ideas and skills of the children, allowing them to develop a genuine love for learning that they will take with them through their life.

At Kidz Village, our dedicated educators guide children to critical learning experiences that contribute to their positive development. We believe in the individuality of each child and aim to create a supportive and nurturing learning community that celebrates their unique strengths and abilities.

Enroll your child in our Kindergarten 2 class and witness their remarkable progress as they establish a solid groundwork for academic achievement and personal development. Come aboard this thrilling expedition with us!