Kindergarten 1

Age: 3 years old to 4 years old

The Kindergarten 1 class at Kidz Village International Kindergarten is a place where children aged 3 to 4 years old embark on an exciting learning journey filled with exploration and growth. Our well-planned learning centers create dynamic environments where children are encouraged to make self-directed and guided choices throughout the day. They actively participate in small groups and projects, engage in circle-times with the whole group, and have the opportunity to reflect upon and document their learning experiences.

In our Kindergarten 1 program, we are dedicated to providing children with all the necessary skills and understanding to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. We utilize the Project Approach, which fosters real choices and enables children to make good decisions supported by an emergent curriculum. This approach empowers children to explore their nascent ideas and skills, promoting a love for learning and encouraging healthy development.

At Kidz Village, our passionate educators guide children to critical learning experiences that contribute to their overall growth, academically and socially. We believe that each child is unique and has the potential to thrive in our supportive and nurturing learning community.

Join our Kindergarten 1 class and watch your child flourish as they build a strong foundation for their future academic success and personal growth. Let’s set off on this wonderful adventure together!