How do you spot if your child is feeling anxious?

Anxiety can affect people of all ages but it can be particularly difficult to recognise in children as it unlikely that they will have the vocabulary to explain their feelings. Some children may be aware that they feel “different” and try to hide their feelings or emotions, exasperating the problem. Of course, feeling anxious or […]

Why is “play” so important in a child’s development?

The concept of learning through play has long been widely recognised for its role in a child’s development. It helps build self-confidence and understand what they can achieve and the environment around them. As it is a “fun” activity, their attention span will be far longer, and as such, they frequently become incredibly absorbed in […]

Will COVID-19 disrupt my child’s long-term education?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in disruption to schooling worldwide, and indeed, here at Kidz Village, we have not been immune. Children, perhaps more than adults, have been adversely affected by the disruption, missing contact with their friends and peers, as well as the losing their regular education. We will, of course, do everything possible […]

Choosing the right school for your child – things to consider when choosing a school

Selecting the right school for your child can be challenging at the best of times, but if you live in a new city or country, the task can be made doubly difficult. You may need the school to be close to where you work, near transportation links such as the BTS or MRT, or perhaps […]

10 ways to help your child develop communication skills

Communication skills are something that we all need throughout our lives, and as parents, helping our child develop these skills can be one of the most enjoyable experiences. Children learn by watching, absorbing and copying things that happen around them even from a very young age. It may be things that you say, something that […]

How does nature affect a child’s development? The benefits of playing and learning in a natural environment

It is at times such as these when we perhaps appreciate outdoor spaces more than ever. They are often something that we take for granted and don’t consider until some of the places we enjoy visiting are closed. The last 12 months are certainly seen our lives change dramatically, and occasionally we may forget how […]

Successfully managing school closures, online learning and maintaining the school routine in times of closure

School closures in Thailand and around the world have brought significant disruption to many families’ lives with every household member affected. The current situation is unprecedented and, in reality, this time 12 months ago, none of us had contemplated the impact it would have. Knowing where to begin with online learning and homeschooling is one […]

How Can I Help My Kids Develop Better Social Skills?

Struggling in certain social environments is something that both adults and children can experience, and it can be traumatic for those concerned. As parents, it can be incredibly heart-wrenching, watching your child struggle to make new friends and feel isolated. In contrast, other children appear to be coping quite comfortably and therefore gaining more from […]

The Importance of Teaching Young Children Teamwork

We must recognise that teamwork is essential in every aspect of our lives. Humans can never function at optimum levels if they always operate independently from others. It is something that we learn from an early age, and as children start to mix and integrate with others, they will naturally begin to pick up some […]

Why are male teachers important in early year’s education?

Early year’s education is one of the most critical points in a child’s learning and is a time when they will develop a range of skills which will be required throughout not only their school life but into adulthood. It is a vital time, and their early experiences at school will mould children. It is […]