Admissions and Provision

Our admissions policy and process follows the belief and ethos that all children have a right to high quality education regardless of their gender, religion, ethnicity, learning strengths or needs. Children who require special provisions or supports will be accepted when the school determines we can fully meet their learning and development needs and will be completely integrated into the mainstream curriculum. All families will meet with the head of school prior to acceptance to ensure the family and school share common goals and values and will work together in partnership.

Enrollment Procedure

Step One: Make an appointment to visit the school

Step Two: Tour our school grounds and facilities with an administrative staff member

Step Three: Complete and return the enrollment application form

Step Four: Meet with the Head of School for a 2-way interview. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure mutual understanding of what we believe is best for young children at school and what our goals for the child are. We will discuss our school philosophy, curriculum and teaching approach and the roles of the child, parent and teacher in partnership.

Step Five: The family will be informed regarding placement of the child in the school depending upon the result of the interview and seats available at the time.