How children learn and develop through outdoor play

Outdoor play at Kidz Village International Kindergarten is planned and  purposeful – the daily schedule is arranged to integrate outdoor play as part of the daily routine, and our environment is planned to have areas which will  support different types of play and activity. Aside from having fun, outdoor play supports a range of areas […]

Environmental Education and Sustainability in Kindergarten: What is It and Why is It Important?

“If we really want children to flourish, we need to give them time to connect with nature and love the Earth before we ask them to save it” – David Sobel Environmental education and sustainability are important topics, especially for Kindergarten students. The foundations for a conscious approach to our planet and the resources it […]

Toddler and Potty/Toilet Training 

by Teacher Nancy Sivilai Toddlers  age 1 ½ to  2 years usually start being introduced or get potty/toilet training.   Some are introduced to potty training or sitting on a potty others prefer toilet training with a child’s trainer seat that clips onto the toilet which makes your child free safe and confident on the […]

Children and Cooking: The Interest Is Awakened

‘I want to cut the carrots! And stir the soup too! But I can’t reach the pot, I cannot see!’ What is only well-intentioned on the part of the child and shows a genuine interest in preparing meals can quickly become a chaotic affair in the kitchen in hectic everyday life. Cooking with young children […]