Ways to Increase Student’s Attention Span 

By Teacher Ravisara What is an Attention Span? Attention or concentration span is a child’s ability to give attention to the specific task. It requires blocking out all distractions and other stimuli – such as sound (from the room next door), visuals (things hanging in the room, or anything outside the window) or unnecessary information […]

Encouraging Creativity From A Young Age

By Teacher Shannon Creativity, what is it and why is it important? There may be many factors that come to your mind when you think of creativity. Most people may think of artists such as painters, actors, dancers, etc., when in reality, creativity is an incredibly valuable life skill for everybody to have. It is […]

Challenging Behaviour in Toddlers and Young Children

Picture this: A 3 year old is screaming and throwing toys across the room. She slaps at her caregiver as they try to pick her up.  Is this normal or should we be concerned? We need to first understand what  “typical” or developmentally appropriate behaviour to expect from children according to their age. In general, […]

Social Interactions in Toddlers

By Teacher Shannon Starting from birth, social interaction is a large part of a child’s life. Babies are never left alone or unsupervised. Young children need the comfort of a familiar face nearby if not right next to them. This is an important part of the development of children to note as children begin to […]

Children and Media Usage: Feeling and experiencing instead of swiping and tapping

Children are coming into contact with digital media at an increasingly early age. Parents should accompany them in their media use and select offers that are suitable for children. Before the youngest children even pick up a smartphone or remote control themselves, they already see how mobile devices, laptops and televisions are used in the […]