How to Improve Reading Comprehension in Kindergarten

By Teacher Ravisara What Is Reading Comprehension?  Reading Comprehension is a child’s ability to understand and interpret what they are reading. In order to succeed with reading comprehension, children need to decode their text and make links between what they have read and what they already know.  Reading Recommendations for Kindergarten: When finding books for […]

Toddlers and Play

by Teacher Nancy D. Sivilai   Through play young toddlers develop their social, emotional, physical, intellectual, moral and creativity strengths.  The word play might be understood as not doing anything of value or without a serious purpose, as often it is not teacher-directed and there is no end product to display.  However, good play gives children […]

 Is it ok to have an imaginary friend?

 What is an imaginary friend? Imaginary friends can be other children, animals, a toy that has come to life, or any other kind of imaginary companion. Children may have more than one friend and they may change frequently or remain the same for varied periods of time.  When do most children have one and when […]

Supporting Children in Taking Healthy Risks

By Teacher Shannon One of the best ways to learn is to make a mistake. Learning to not only make mistakes but to also learn from them without getting angry is a lifelong endeavour. As adults it is important to be able to support children in situations where mistakes may happen.  What are healthy risks? […]