Language Development for Toddlers

by Nancy D. Sivilai Language Development for Toddlers by Nancy D. Sivilai It is important to have an idea of how language develops in children.  Language is developing since before birth as the baby hears his/her mother’s voice.  After birth, the family will be teaching language to their child by being language models and by […]

Let your child be bored!

Spending quality time with your children is important, but should you feel that you need to keep your child entertained all day long? The answer may surprise you… it can be good for kids to experience boredom sometimes, and providing the conditions for quality free play is more important than organising a string of activities. […]

The Importance of Sensory Play

By Teacher Shannon Children at a young age have an incredible amount of curiosity and learn mostly through discovery. Providing young children with the opportunity to explore through play can benefit them tremendously. Sensory Play is anything that engages use of their senses including sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, balance, and movement. Allowing children the […]

Halloween turned our maths lesson in K1 into a ghost hour

Witches, wizards, zombies or ghosts? Days in advance, we have been speculating in K1 about which Halloween costumes we will see on 31 October when it’s trick or treat time at school!  With bags full of sweets and dressed up as scary characters, the children then came to school on Halloween for a day full […]