The Power of Parental Involvement

By Teacher Ravisara When it’s time for parents / guardians  to send their child to school, they wish for their child to succeed and be happy. One of the keys to achieving this is through great communication and collaboration with their school. Having great parental involvement has proven to be beneficial as it shows a […]

Choosing Books for Toddlers by Nancy Sivilai

As a teacher of toddler age children, I find that working with young children you need to consider their development level as you select story books for toddlers.  Young toddlers have short attention spans even when it comes to reading books.  Therefore, when selecting books for toddlers I would encourage parents to select books that […]

The Benefits of Having Classroom Jobs for Students

Assigning classroom jobs to students encourages them to learn about responsibility and being part of a community. The entire class thrives when meaningful classroom jobs are given to students, and they are encouraged to be contributing members of the classroom. The benefits of effective classroom management extend to academic-related outcomes, including decreasing disruptive behaviour and […]

Project Work in Kindergarten: From Tadpole to Frog – How we Found our First Project in K1 

“So cute!“, “What are they eating?”, “Where are the legs?”, “Where is mummy frog?” Questions upon questions as our K1 class children watches the tadpoles we caught three weeks ago. It should take at least six weeks until the first legs are visible but until then there is a lot to observe. For example, what […]

Toddlers and Separation Anxiety 

Our Toddler class is beginning a new stage of growth as they are having their first time at school without their parents or primary guardians.  The children are learning that separation is only temporary and we find the children feel anxious and upset when their parents or primary caregivers leave and are out of sight.   […]